James Maskell

Rebooting the blog

23 January 2021

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a long time. A lot has changed since I last wrote in 2017. I moved country twice (to Germany and then back to the UK). I changed jobs and have been working at a startup in the death industry during a global pandemic.

The lockdowns of the past year meant I’ve had a lot of time to spend at home. More time in one place and less time hopping on a plane every time I have a few days off work. A lot of time to think. I realised that I’m almost always doing something - either working or travelling. I rarely stop and take time to reflect.

In the past I’ve taken the time to try and reflect in writing. It helped me clear my head after Vinetrade failed. And to draw a line between one stage of life and the next (such as when I moved to Berlin).

The other aspect of writing that appeals to me is paying it forward. I read a lot of blogs (I’m one of those people who still use RSS) and learn a lot from other people’s writing. My post about Vinetrade failing helped other founders going through something similar and opened opportunities for me to advise others exploring a similar business model. It’s a win win situation - I help myself to reflect and help others by sharing learnings.

So that brings me to a goal for this year: one blog post per month. I’m not going to restrict myself to any particular topic. My goal is to get better at writing and to build a habit to do it regularly.

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